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JC Burton

is the Vice
President of Programming
for 7 Mountains Media/
Cap City Communications.
He says, “I am originally
from Lexington and still
live there with my wife and
son, but I love my daily
commute to Frankfort. I
get to work with a great
group of people and I get to
interact with this awesome
community every day. I love music, Kentucky
basketball, a good action movie, the ocean and
spending time with my wife and son.
“I guess my radio story started when I was
in Kindergarten and was asked to play the part
of announcer for our production of The Twelve
Days of Christmas. My character name was
Ivan Earful and, even though I was incredibly
shy at the time, I got up on stage in front of
everyone and didn’t forget a single line. I was
actually pretty shy all the way through high
school but I loved listening to the radio. I used
to call in and make requests a lot. I’m pretty
sure I annoyed my fair share of DJs back in
the day. How else was I going to know when
I needed to hit ‘record’ on my cassette deck
so I could finally complete my mixtape? One
Saturday morning I discovered Casey Kasem
and then Rick Dees and loved the countdown
shows they did.
“I first saw the inside of a radio station
at the age of 17 when I became an intern for
a group of radio stations in Lexington and I
haven’t looked back from there. I started at
Star 103.7 in May of 2007 and I love working
for this radio station. My radio journey has
taken me from Lexington to Panama City to
Elizabethtown and now Frankfort. I currently
serve as Vice President of Programming for
our wonderful stations in Frankfort as well as
30 stations across central Pennsylvania.”
















































































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